Counting down to 2015 Walk

We are a group of British Tamils along with friends, raising funds yet again for charity by walking 5 Marathons in 5 days, around the Cotswolds starting on Sunday 1st November 2015 under the banner "Heart2Heart". The funds raised will benefit the British Charity "Help for Heroes", and schools in the North & East of Sri Lanka in acquiring computers for schools. Many of us migrated to the UK from Sri Lanka and enjoy freedom and prosperity here, which was, and still is, denied to Tamils in Sri Lanka. As a result, we wanted to do something in return for Britain, and show our gratitude especially to those soldiers who fought bravely and sacrificed their lives for the freedom that we enjoy here today.

We chose the "computers 4 schools" programme through "Serendip Children’s Home" in Sri Lanka because children had no part in the ethnic conflict in that country, but yet were made victims. Their education was ruined and schools destroyed. Every one of us has got more than one computer in our homes but most of the schools in the North & East do not have even one. This is a great opportunity for us to support the war affected children, and to give them an education so that they can enjoy the same benefits as our children.

The month of November is a month in which to remember our Heroes, and the second day of our Charity Walk, 2nd November, is "All Soul's Day", when we always pay tribute and remember the dead. We wanted to contribute and be part of the great tradition of remembering and honouring our "War Hero" service men and women, especially on the centenary of WW1. It is for this reason that "Help for Heroes" was chosen by us as a beneficiary.

We hope our Walk will encourage other communities to come together, putting aside any differences and barriers. This is our sixth year, and we hope to raise sufficient funds as in the past years. The 5-day walk is to create awareness and to remind our younger generation of the sacrifices made by many, so that we can enjoy liberty and freedom today in the UK.

We were met with enthusiasm and support all along our Walk in the past years. Some were in tears to see the Tamil Community raising funds for our injured soldiers. We bring reconciliation, healing and goodwill to many in the community. The Walk has given us tremendous encouragement and energy to continue, as we find such events can bring communities together and unite us under one common flag.

We named the charity walk "Heart2Heart" because it is from our heart that we say 'Thank You' to the British public for the FREEDOM and CIVIL LIBERTIES we enjoy here.